Cultivate & Create

Hello again invisible readers, as always it's been too long. Today I am writing to you about one of my new projects I have started. Like all my best ideas, this idea came to me as I was trying to fall asleep and instead kept me up all night. Oh well, I guess this is my struggle of being an artist...lack of sleep.

So what was this idea I had? Stickers. My idea was stickers. For those of you who don't know me closely, I have a love for stickers. I even collect them, not even kidding. In my defense, its a generally low cost thing to collect (for those with an economic mind considering sticker collecting).

sticker 2.jpg

So what? Why stickers? Well, as an introvert in a electronic world that requires you to be an extrovert in so many ways, stickers were an answer to a question. How do I self-promote myself while still being myself?

What kept me up that night, is I began thinking about how I could use my existing resources and connections to extend further and create awareness...and so I came up with a strategy. I would create stickers to promote my website and give them away for free, because everyone likes free stuff. Everyone.

Based on this I created a sticker using one of my favorite illustrations, Autonomy. I added the phrase "Cultivate & Create" because it speaks to what I want my work to stand for. I want it to be a call to people to cultivate within themselves and then create!

Sticker Card.jpg

So on my Instagram account I offered a free sticker to anyone who messaged me with their address. Then I would send them this flyer below and four of my stickers. That way they are promoting for me! And doing my work for me! Haha I am an evil genius...I know...

sticker 5.jpg

So here it is invisible readers, my attempt at self-promotion. But don't worry I am still your lovable awkward, introverted artist looking for her audience. Remember whatever your passion is, cultivate it and then...create it. 

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