Making Time


Hello invisible readers, I'm sorry I haven't been around much but I've been busy living my life. You'd be surprised how much time that actually takes up. 

That is what I want to talk about today, time. Why is there never enough of it?!? Between having two jobs, friends, family, a dog, a house, a body that needs nourishment and exercise, its hard to find 5 minutes to do nothing, let alone an hour to create art. I'm sure all of you can relate to this dilemma because if you are around my age, 45, the pressure to do everything-all-the-time is insane! (editors note: Elise enjoys humor so she said she was 45, she is actually 23 turning 24 on June 5th). On social media it looks like everyone has time to do it all and still have fun and its hard not to feel like you're always behind the curve.

Due to these feelings I've been having, I wanted to challenge myself to make time for my art, my passion. So for the month of March I decided I would do one drawing a day and to stay accountable I would post the drawings on Instagram. 

I discovered I really enjoy drawing bugs, learn something new every day

I discovered I really enjoy drawing bugs, learn something new every day

So what did I learn from my month of daily drawings? I learned that is hard to schedule 3o minutes every day to draw, but as more days went by I looked forward to that time more and more. Being able to sit and be quiet in the middle of a busy day was therapeutic and probably extremely beneficial to my mental health (I have no proof of this, just an educated guess). Now that my month is over I miss that time I spent drawing, but I have realized that it is time to start focusing on my art again.

My hope for you, invisible readers, whatever your passion is (bug collecting?), you can start making time for it. Believe me, you'll be surprised how easy it is once you get started.

As a wise person once said, it was probably my mom, the first step is always the hardest