Never Alone - Lexi's Story


After viewing this picture, I assume you have some questions; such as: who is that cat? whose feet are those? where can I get an awesome pair of Chaco's like that? why am I being forced to examine this random photo with zero context?

Don't worry, I will explain. Those feet belong to my number one fan, Lexi Robertson (who also has an amazing blog you should check out at She has been my friend for over ten years, since we met the second day of high school in our computers class. I calculated that and it is 43.48% of my life. Geez. 

Back to the story - Lexi has recently gotten two new roommates and one of them decided to adopt a kitten. He is not the fully adult, outdoor cat Lexi was promised, but she is slowly starting to fall for him. His name is Theo and Lexi is terribly allergic to him. But this isn't about a tale of star-crossed lovers, it is a story of how Theo likes to accompany Lexi on her trips to the bathroom and how she likes to document it. 

So this is why I have posted a picture of Theo and Lexi in the bathroom together. She sent me this picture last week and I thought it was too funny to not to share. This is why I created an illustration based on her real-life experience, which you can see below. If you have looked at my portfolio section of my blog, you might have picked up that humorous illustrations are missing. But never fear dear reader, I am trying something new and if it doesn't work out, I promise to return to the status quo. 

Never Alone , 2017, Ink on paper, 5.75 in x 5.75 in

Never Alone, 2017, Ink on paper, 5.75 in x 5.75 in

Do you have a funny moment you think would translate well into an illustration? Let me know in the comments section and let's make it happen. Dream big and never go to the bathroom alone.